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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ghostbumps Part One: Bukit Tunku

After watching the victory of Germany against Argentina, we (Celine, Moe, Moshi, Mia and Jijol) rushed away from Uptown Damansara towards Bukit Tunku, one of the most haunted places known in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

It was about 20 minutes past midnight, and we felt it was only too early for us to witness anything exciting. But hell, we were wrong.

We stopped at the UIA College for a while to have a smoke and get some air before the long drive through the labyrinth-like hills of Bukit Tunku.

Here is a series of things we saw/felt/witnessed:
  • Jijol saw what was like a hand waving above the fisheye mirrors at a turning, he looked once, twice, thrice. Same thing. When Moshi went to check it out later on, it was just a leaf. Eye trick, psychological tricks? You decide.
We passed lots of abandonned houses, dead-ends, and we arrived at an abandonned piece of land with one single big tree behind the gates. Those naked trees we see in movies. Yeah. We decided to stop there. Saw a space in front of the gates where we could park the car.
  • As we reversed into the space, we heard a huge "KRRRR" under the tire. The car was stuck. We couldn't move. This was very movie-like. Our hearts skipped a beat. Moshi went out and saw we had a long length of wood stuck between the tire and the car. We managed to pull it out after numerous tries. As we drove away later on, we realized the wood was under the drain and there was no possible way it was able to go up and get stuck beneath the car.
  • As we sat on the concrete walls near the gates and tree, as Mia was smoking, she saw a part of the smoke move past her faster than usual.
  • Moe and Celine were sitting at the concrete wall, on the same block. As Celine watched the ground, she saw a shadow moving to and fro, like a small creature flying not too far off the ground. She looked to the sky and searched for where the shadow was coming from. Nothing.
  • Jijol and Moe saw a bulk amongst the tree branches that did not look like it was hanging on any trunks nor trees. "Looked like a head watching us." said Moe later on.
  • When Celine pointed out the weird shadow, Moe said "I know, I had a feeling" and immediately told us to make a move. "I felt like there was something behind me and Celine" he said.
  • As we drove off, Mia saw another leaf moving behind a fisheye mirror, moving unnaturally against the wind. "It looked like someone peeking at us."
This all happened less than an hour. Imagine if we stayed longer. We left with Mia, Celine and Moe having a major headache which lifted instantly when we were out of the place. We also had many eye tricks throughout, where rubbish bins and trees looked like something else.

For a first timer, it was interesting. This is for us to tell, and up to you to believe.

Til the next haunt,


  1. niceeeeeeeee. noobs!!!! HAHAHAHA <3<3

  2. btw, my friends said that if you wanna go for ghost hunting , you guys must have even number of people.. XDD