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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ghostbumps Part Two: Sungei Ujong

A photographical memory is all it takes.

After a few obstacles and minor problems heading our way regarding the plans to Seremban, finally it was only Moe, Celine and Moshi that made it to the Part Two journey of ghostbumping. Arrived at Seremban and decided to have a bit of fun at the fun fair and grab some rootbeer before heading to Sungei Ujong to begin our night.

And here is where it all begins.

.Sungei Ujong.
We arrived at the maze of houses and trees, passed a few cemeteries where we began to feel slightly creeped out. Moe showed Moshi and Celine a few abandoned houses and specific stories that went with it. There were some odd mist lingering on the roads every now and then.

Headed to the main road and made a turn back again

- Moshi was endlessly turning back to look behind the car. He felt like there was something continuously following our car.

- Moe saw a 'thing' cross the road before the car.

- As he did, Celine noticed a strange movement on the electric wires above the car, and exerted a surprised "Wow!". This was her first prickle of fear, for she looked more than once, and it was still there.

- Later on, Celine noticed what looked like a dog sized figure slithering from the road into the reeds at the side. Slithering? Dog? Hmm.

- We had goosebumps at various parts of the ride. And it was undeniable that we had the usual eyetricks that caused us to look at things that appeared like figures standing and watching us.

And here is where things get creepier. Completely paranormal things. We reached another venue, couldn't remember the name, "Teratak" something, near Taman Rashidah Utama, a big house infamous for the most violent stories.

.The big house near TRU.

There was a huge ledge of which we could climb on to look between the body-width sized spaces to view the house.

- Moshi took a look first. He stared for a long time. He kept watching the corridor and the main door, dark as hell and came back telling us he saw something weird moving.

- It was before that Moe returned after staring through the spaces for a while as well. Later on, he told us he felt a huge pressure that seemed to be luring him and pulling him towards the house. This would mean him falling over to reach it. He pulled back, turned around and left.

- This was the scariest climax of the trip. Moe asked Celine if she wanted to look, without explaining then what he had felt. She headed to the same part. As she edged closer, the heavy feeling in her was starting to tense much more and she cautiously grabbed to pull herself up. She looked down, not at the house first, but at the trailing of plants on the ledge. As her glance fell off the ledge into the dark, she saw something below her body, as if crouching behind the ledge. She almost fell backwards but dared herself to not remain her glance there and instead look at the house. Her eye fell on the side window behind the tree. Another shock, in the form of a black figure moving from side to side, hanging out the window. That was all it took for her guts to turn over. In 15 minutes, she was in a petrol station, throwing up.

What else? We headed home straight after.

Don't believe us? Can't blame you if you choose not to.

Til' the next haunt,

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